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  Has New Media Redefined Coverage of the Syrian War, or Has Coverage of the Syrian War Redefined New Media? The Syrian regime has blocked nearly all foreign correspondents from legally entering Syria to cover its two-year-old civil war. Foreign correspondents have had to sneak into the country, and dozens of freelancers have taken extreme […]


To live in Ethiopia today is to live largely in isolation from independent news reporting. Threats, imprisonment and shutdowns have silenced much of the country’s media, ever since a brutal, post-election crackdown in 2005 by long-time dictator Meles Zenawi. Zenawi’s death last August has done little to ease the situation. “The independent press in Ethiopia […]


China: Dodging the censor, pressuring the state In China’s traditional world of media, free speech is tightly controlled and journalists are beholden to an authoritarian regime watching their every word. Most Internet users do not venture beyond the “Great Firewall” that filters foreign content and completely blocks Facebook, Twitter and other outside sites. But China’s […]


NEXT: The war by the numbers. Since December 2006, when then-president Felipe Calderón launched a widespread crackdown on Mexico’s drug cartels, the country’s drug wars have claimed more than 70,000 lives. Tens of thousands more have gone missing, hundreds of thousands have had to flee their homes. But there is also another prominent victim of the […]